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Contact Me

Miko Kami Spirit Dolls
by Bahira

167 Cronin Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Land Line & Voicemail: (408) 243-2445


I am local to the South Bay/San Jose, California area where I work out of my home Studio in Santa Clara.

I do not have an ordering site-page on this Website at this time.

I can be contacted via E-Mail at

I can also be reached by Land line telephone (408) 243-2445  - where you can leave a callback name and number if I do not pick up.

How to order:  If you are interested in a particular Miko Kami seen on any of the Galleries of this Website, contact me and I will call or E-mail you back to verify.  You will need to include the Number associated with that particular Miko Kami when you call/E-mail.  We can then proceed to make arrangements for payment and shipping/delivery.  At this time, I can only accept checks and cash.


        You and I can make a mutually convenient appointment time to come to my Outside Studio in person to pick up the Miko Kami and make the cash or check payment at that time.  I also have the ability in-house to accept credit cards.

OR: I can ship via UPS (you pay for shipping costs).  I will inform you when it has been shipped and you can mail me a check made out to Barbara Martin for the final amount including shipping costs.

OR: I can deliver, if you are local (no extra cost), or we can meet in the middle at an agreed upon location to make the sale.  The check or cash payment can be made at that time.


Special Custom Orders

I can also create custom Miko Kami for you or a giftee in about a three week window.  There is no additional cost for Special Orders, but you would need to provide me with answers to a brief guideline Questionnaire so that I can have a direction to work towards.  If it is a gift, it is helpful for me to know your relationship to the giftee.  The Questionnaire is available here:

The Questionnaire answers (as much or as little as you feel comfortable revealing) can be mailed to me at 167 Cronin Drive, Santa Clara, CA  95051 or e-mailed to me at  I will then proceed with the creative process.

Remember, the Questionnaire answers would pertain to the giftee or whoever is receiving the Special Custom Miko Kami.

I hope to make this ordering process smoother in the future, but alas, I am an Artist, not a Computer Geek.  My humblest apologies.


Bahira/Barbara Martin

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