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For instructions on Special Orders, please visit the Contact Page.

Questionnaire for Miko Kami Doll Special Orders: 


For Bahira (Barbara Martin) to get to know you or your giftee a little:  Answer whatever you feel is important to be included in/on/for/about your Miko Kami.

 1.  A short bio of the important stuff; where you were born, birthdate and year, schooling, family, hometown, any jobs or career choices you are or might be interested in, hobbies, etc.

2.  Describe yourself (in general terms: hair/eye color, tall/short, athletic/cerebral) and then tell me what kinds of things or activities you like, music, swimming, reading, bicycling, dancing, etc.

3.  Any spiritual beliefs that are important to you; your religious leanings, any totem animal, favorite colors, places (forest, mountains, exotic lands) that are sacred or have a special meaning for you, etc.  Countries of interest or origin.

4.  Any particular book or person, fictitious or real, historical or present day, whom you admire and/or has inspired you in some way and how that has affected you.

5.  And then anything in particular (if any) that you feel you would like represented in some way for your Miko Kami doll, something that might be a hope, or dream, or goal, or direction of travel.  Anything that gives you peace, represents love, or anything else important that comes to mind.

6.  I may not incorporate all of what you tell me, but it gives me a way to channel my creative energies into your spirit doll.  If you have a particular focus you want me to steer toward for your doll, let me know what it is.  If you have a small item you wish incorporated, please be sure to get it to me.

Send your responses to me in an e-mail or snail mail so I have them to refer to and can ask for clarification if necessary.  When I have created the doll, I will photograph it and send you a picture via e-mail for you to see what I've done.  If you wish something small changed on it, I will do it if I can.  If you do not like the doll at all, I will create another.  No doll remains homeless, so I have no qualms about making another for you if it doesn't bond to you.  Each one eventually finds her home.   Mail to 167 Cronin Drive, Santa Clara, CA  95051

Take your time in thinking about the above. No rush.  I find that writing things down really helps you get in touch with yourself or your giftee.  Have fun!


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